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Fake Wooden Ceiling Planks By TimberKast

Posted by FIX LEO on
Rustic Home Décor

Wood planks are a good way to decorate up a shabby outdated ceiling, and so they’re made to put in so simply at present that any competent house owner can do it. Unlike wooden flooring installation, they don’t require specialized instruments-just a few normal ones, and a trim nailer. The thickness of the drywall/plaster on the ceiling will truly decide how long your nail must be, I would be sure it is going at least half″ into the stud… 3/four″ would be even better. The wattle is made by weaving skinny branches (either entire or extra often break up) or slats between upright stakes. Ozark Natural Planks will add heat and character to the partitions and ceilings of your favorite rooms.

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