The environment where we live needs to be kept clean. The environment must be maintained. Environmental sustainability is a shared responsibility. Cooperation relations can be realized in preserving a healthy living culture. A healthy environment helps us avoid disease. How to realize a healthy life?

home cleaning service Spokane is the easiest way to get perfect results. Home and office hygiene needs to be maintained. Home is where we live. an office is where we work with our co-workers and clients. Clean homes and offices make us comfortable and healthy.

  1. How to Maintain Home Cleanliness

House cleaning needs to be maintained to create a healthy environment. A healthy home does not mean big and big house. Simple and small houses can be said to be healthy. Provided the house is well maintained and maintained. Healthy homes have certain conditions that must be met.

This is a condition.

  1. There is enough ventilation to get in and out of the air.
  2. Have a clean water source.
  3. Has a clean bathroom and toilet.
  4. There are trash cans to get rid of trash.
  5. There is a current to the sewer to dispose of dirty water.
  6. Sunshine enough.
  7. There are green plants.

A healthy home is always clean. House cleaning is a duty of all family members. The tools commonly used to clean the house are brooms, duster, brush, and duster. Cleaning the house will be better if done regularly.

How to clean the house is as follows:

  1. Clean the floor with a broom and mop. The floor will be more comfortable if cleaned at least twice a day.
  2. Glass windows are cleaned with a glass cleaner spray and the clean cloth. Used fabrics should be soft and absorb water.
  3. Clean the ceiling of the house with a long broom.
  4. Clean the tables and chairs with a rather wet cloth.
  5. Clean the showers and toilets regularly.

Cleaners are needed in-home care and cleaning. However, we must be careful in choosing it.

Use materials that are safe for health. The cleaning agent is a hygiene additive.

Its use must be in accordance with the instructions and rules of use.

  1. How to Maintain Office Cleanliness

The office is our place of business that has priority in terms of cleanliness. A clean office makes us comfortable at work. Work will be more fun if supported by a healthy environment. Healthy living culture needs to be applied in the office. You must work together in creating a clean environment.

Efforts to clean the office can be done as follows.

  1. Sweep the office space every day.
  2. Clean all tables and chairs.
  3. Clean the meeting room
  4. Throw the trash into place.
  5. Clean toilet and shower

This healthy pattern and lifestyle are very rewarding. The healthy lifestyle can form a love attitude cleanliness. Cleanliness is the root of health. A healthy environment keeps us away from illness.

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